Location: Paetzold Auditorium, 1st Floor, Vancouver General Hospital

899 West 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V5Z1M9, Canada

This event is an accredited group learning activity under Section 1 as defined by the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada for the Maintenance of Certification program. This program is approved by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society for a maximum of 9.25 credits.


Friday Sep 7, 2018: Main Session
10:00-11:00am Registration & Brunch
SCAD Introduction, Epidemiology & Pathology & Associated Predisposing/Precipitating Conditions: Chair - Saw
11:00-11:10am Welcome & Introduction on SCAD: History & Epidemiology (Saw)
11:10-11:20am Challenges with misdiagnosis/mismanagement of women with SCAD & heart disease. Strategies to improve recognition/awareness (Hayes)
11:20-11:30am Histopathology findings of SCAD (Virmani)
11:30-11:40am SCAD predisposing arteriopathies: FMD & other diseases (CTD, inflammatory) (Gornik)
11:40-11:50am SCAD and association with carotid dissection (Abou-Chebl)
11:50-12:00pm SCAD and association with pregnancy and hormonal triggers (Grewal)
12:00-12:10pm SCAD predisposing stressors: emotional & physical triggers (Tremmel)
12:10-12:20pm Genetic predisposition with SCAD (Brunham)
12:20-12:30pm Association of SCAD with microvascular dysfunction, Takotsubo syndrome and Vasospasm (Sedlak)
12:30-12:50pm Panel Discussion: Saw, Gornik, Tremmel, Grewal, Brunham, Sedlak, Virmani, Abou-Chebl, Hayes
12:50-1:20pm Coffee Break
SCAD Clinical Presentation & Diagnosis: Chair - Wong
1:20-1:30pm Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada: Focus on research support of women with heart disease (Bakker)
1:30-1:40pm Clinical presentation with SCAD (Toleva)
1:40-1:50pm What causes high-risk SCAD? (Madan)
1:50-2:00pm Diagnosis of SCAD on angiography (Mancini)
2:00-2:10pm Diagnosis of SCAD on CTA & MRI (Mayo)
2:10-2:20pm Intracoronary imaging of SCAD (Fung)
2:20-2:40pm Panel Discussion: Wong, Toleva, Madan, Mancini, Mayo, Fung, Tremmel, Saw, Virmani
2:40-3:00pm Coffee break
Management of SCAD: Chair - Gin
3:00-3:10pm Management decisions with SCAD: conservative versus invasive (Aymong)
3:10-3:20pm PCI strategy with SCAD (Saw)
3:20-3:30pm CABG strategy with SCAD (Skarsgard)
Left main SCAD management Debate:
3:30-3:40pm Patients with left main dissection should routinely be referred for emergency CABG (Sheth)
3:40-3:50pm Patients with left main dissection should have PCI as first-line treatment instead of CABG (Price)
3:50-4:10pm Panel discussion: Gin, Aymong, Saw, Skarsgard, Sheth, Price, Tremmel, Madan, Boone
4:10-4:30pm Coffee break
Challenging SCAD Cases: Chair - Madan
4:30-4:40pm Management of SCAD patients in the CCU (Wong)
4:40-4:50pm Hemodynamic support (Impella, ECMO, etc.) of SCAD patients in cardiogenic shock (Lombardi)
4:50-5:00pm Challenging Case #1 (Boone)
5:00-5:10pm Challenging Case #2 (Toleva)
5:10-5:20pm Challenging Case #3 (Sheth)
5:20-5:30pm Think out-of-the box SCAD PCI with the CTO toolbox (Lombardi)
5:30-5:50pm Panel discussion: Sheth, Toleva, Lombardi, Madan, Saw, Tremmel, Aymong, Boone
5:50-6:00pm Wrap-up day 1: Saw
6:30-9:00pm Faculty dinner on Granville Island


Friday Patient Breakout Sessions
Fibromuscular Dysplasia Workshop for Patients: Chair - Pam Mace (FMDSA) & Gornik
1:20-2:30pm What is FMD?

Link between FMD and SCAD

Living with FMD

2:30-3:00pm Coffee break
Cardiac Rehabilitation after SCAD: Chair - Taira Birnie (VGH SCAD Rehab Program) & Taylor
3:00-4:10pm When can you start exercising post-SCAD?

What exercises can you be involved with post-SCAD?

What activities should you avoid post-SCAD?

4:10-4:30pm Coffee break
Resources/Support after SCAD Patients: Chair - Katherine Leon (SCAD Alliance), Kim, Pittman-Wagers
4:30-5:40pm Life after SCAD

Social media & web supports with SCAD

Psychosocial support after SCAD


Saturday Sep 8, 2018: Main Session

7:00-8:00am Breakfast & registration
Challenging Dilemmas with SCAD Management: Chair - Laksman


Cardiac arrest with acute SCAD presentation Debate:

SCAD patients with sudden cardiac death should not routinely receive ICD (Lakkireddy)
8:10-8:20am SCAD patients presenting with sudden cardiac death should receive ICD (Andrade)
8:20-8:30am Panel discussion: Laksman, Lavoie, Kim, Andrade, Lakkireddy, Wood, Saw
8:30-8:40am Medical therapy for SCAD patients (Lavoie)
 8:40-8:50am Imaging & investigation for predisposing arteriopathies (Kim)
8:50-9:00am Pregnancy-associated SCAD, and risks of pregnancy after SCAD (Wood)
9:00-9:10am In-hospital and Long-term Outcomes with SCAD (Humphries)
9:10-9:20am Panel discussion: Laksman, Lavoie, Kim, Humphries, Andrade, Wood, Saw
9:20-9:50am Coffee break
Life After SCAD & Patient Perspectives: Chair - Sedlak
9:50-10:00am Exercises and activities after an acute SCAD event (Taylor)
10:00-10:10am Vancouver SCAD Rehab Program (Birnie)
10:10-10:20am Psychosocial considerations after SCAD (Pittman Wagers)
10:20-10:30am Patient experience #1
10:30-10:40am Patient experience #2
10:40-10:50am Patient experience #3: Social media & SCAD patients (Leon)
10:50-11:10am Panel discussion: Sedlak, Taylor, Birnie, Wood, Pittman Wagers, Mace, Toleva, Lavoie, Abou-Chebl
11:10-11:30am Coffee break
SCAD Clinical trials & Call for Action: Chair - Madan
11:30-11:40am Canadian SCAD Study: In-hospital & 30-day results (Saw)
11:40-11:50am SCAD registry experience in New Zealand/Australia (Mcalister)
11:50-12:00pm How should we design future SCAD trials? Clinical registries, randomized registries, or RCTs for SCAD research? (Humphries)
12:00-12:20pm Panel & Audience discussion: Madan, Laksman, Sedlak, Saw, Humphries, Kim, Wood
12:20-12:30pm Conference Wrap-Up & Meeting Adjourn: Saw


Saturday Sep 8, 2018: 5k run/walk 2-4pm (Jericho beach, Vancouver)