This event is an accredited group learning activity under Section 1 as defined by the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada for the Maintenance of Certification program. This program is approved by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) for a maximum of 8.5 hours credit.

VanSCAD2022 Virtual Conference will be held on Feb19/2022. You must be registered to have access to online conference streaming access and CME accreditation with CCS. The conference will be recorded and post-conference online streaming of the meeting will be available for registrants only.

Agenda for 2022

Saturday Feb 19/2022:
8:00am-5:00pm Chair/Moderator - Saw
Introduction & Overview of Heart Disease in Women:
8:00-8:05am Welcome & Opening Remarks (Saw)
8:05-8:20am Spectrum of heart disease in women (Mehran)
8:20-8:35am How COVID-19 has affected management of MI patients (Henry)
8:35-8:50am Causes of MINOCA & investigation algorithm (Wei)
8:50-9:05am Causes of INOCA, investigation & management (Smilowitz)
9:05-9:20am What have we learnt from histopathology of MI in women (Virmani)
9:20-9:50am Panel/Audience Q&A: Saw, Henry, Wei, Smilowitz, Virmani, Wood, Adlam
SCAD: Epidemiology & Predisposing Causes
9:50-9:55am My most memorable SCAD case (Adlam)
9:55-10:07am Epidemiology of SCAD (Hayes)
10:07-10:19am Epidemiology of FMD & link with SCAD (Olin)
10:19-10:31am Link between hereditary connective tissue disorders & SCAD (Lindsay)
10:31-10:43am Relationship between pregnancy & SCAD (Wood)
10:43-10:55am Relationship between systemic inflammatory diseases & SCAD (Tweet)
10:55-11:07am Precipitating emotional, physical & hormonal triggers for SCAD (Mulvagh)
11:07-11:37am Panel/Audience Q&A: Saw, Hayes, Olin, Lindsay, Tweet, Wood, Mulvagh
11:37-12:00pm LUNCH BREAK – case presentations (Sharkey, Madan, Nestelberger)
 SCAD: Diagnosis & Investigation
12:00-12:15pm Genetics of SCAD, when & what to investigate? (Ganesh)
12:15-12:27pm Clinical presentation with SCAD (Samuel)
12:27-12:39pm Angiographic Diagnosis of SCAD (Saw)
12:39-12:51pm Intracoronary imaging with SCAD: indications & findings (Alfonso)
12:51-1:03pm How and when to use CTA to diagnose SCAD (Gohshhajra)
1:03-1:15pm Screening for FMD & vascular disorders after SCAD (Kim)
1:15-1:45pm Panel/Audience Q&A: Saw, Ganesh, Sharkey, Alfonso, Gohshhajra, Kim
SCAD: Acute Management
1:45-1:57pm Indications for PCI and strategies (Tremmel)
1:57-2:09pm Indications for CABG and strategies (Skarsgard)
2:09-2:21pm Medical management with SCAD (Zaman)
2:21-2:33pm Chest pain after SCAD, how/when to investigate (Sedlak)
2:33-2:45pm How to manage VT/VF after SCAD (Andrade)
2:45-3:15pm Panel/Audience Q&A: Saw, Tremmel, Skarsgard, Zaman, Madan, Andrade
SCAD: Long-term Management
3:15-3:27pm Long-term outcomes post-SCAD (McAlister)
3:27-3:39pm Exercise rehabilitation and physical activities post-SCAD (Birnie)
3:39-3:51pm Psychosocial issues & management post-SCAD (Pittman-Wagers)
3:51-4:03pm Managing women with heart disease in the COVID era (Gulati)
4:03-4:33pm Faculty/Audience Q&A on future directions on SCAD research & management: Saw, Alfonso, Ganesh, Gulati, Hayes, Henry, Kim, Tremmel, Madan, Mulvagh, Smilowitz, Sharkey, Wood, Zaman
4:33-4:58pm Audience Online Q&A
4:58-5:00pm Conference Wrap-Up & Meeting Adjourn: Saw


Agenda for 2021

Saturday Jan 30/2021:
8:00am-4:00pm Chair/Moderator - Saw
SCAD Introduction, Epidemiology, & Associated Predisposing/Precipitating Conditions:
8:00-8:10am Welcome & Opening Remarks (Saw)
8:10-8:20am History & Epidemiology of SCAD (Hayes)
8:20-8:30am Histopathology findings in SCAD patients (Virmani)
8:30-8:40am Link between SCAD & FMD: Deep dive on FMD (Olin)
8:40-8:50am Connective tissue disorders (non-FMD) associated with SCAD (Lindsay)
8:50-9:00am Can systemic inflammatory diseases cause SCAD or are bystander? (Tweet)
9:00-9:10am Relationship between pregnancy and hormonal triggers with SCAD (Mass)
9:10-9:20am Emotional & physical triggers that can precipitate SCAD (Mulvagh)
9:20-9:40am Panel Discussion: Saw, Hayes, Virmani, Olin, Lindsay, Tweet, Mass, Mulvagh
SCAD Clinical Presentation & Diagnosis:
9:40-9:50am Clinical presentation with SCAD: symptoms & hospital features (Alfadhel)
9:50-10:00am Diagnosis of SCAD on angiography (Saw)
10:00-10:10am Intracoronary imaging of SCAD with OCT and IVUS (Alfonso)
10:10-10:20am Diagnosis of SCAD on CTA & MRI (Gohshhajra)
10:20-10:30am Can SCAD present as MINOCA, how to investigate? (Reynolds)
10:30-10:40am Takotsubo syndrome & SCAD, can they co-exist? (Samuel)
10:40-10:50am Can microvascular dysfunction co-exist with SCAD? (Sedlak)
10:50-11:10am Panel Discussion: Saw, Alfadhel, Alfonso, Gohshhajra, Reynolds, Samuel, Sedlak
Management of SCAD:
11:10-11:20am In-hospital management of patients with SCAD (pharmacotherapy; patient selection for conservative vs, revascularization) (Adlam)
11:20-11:30am PCI with SCAD: strategy & outcomes (Henry)
11:30-11:40am CABG for SCAD: indication, strategy & outcomes (Price)
11:40-11:50am Outcomes & management of patients presenting with VT/VF and SCAD (Andrade)
11:50-12:00pm Cardiogenic shock & management in patients with SCAD (Sharkey)
12:00-12:10pm Long-term management of SCAD patients (medications, lifestyle changes, screening investigations) (Tremmel)
12:10-12:20pm Pregnancy-associated SCAD, and risks of pregnancy after SCAD (Wood)
12:20-12:40pm Panel discussion: Saw, Adlam, Henry, Price, Andrade, Sharkey, Tremmel, Wood, Ganesh
SCAD Registries Throughout the Globe:
12:40-12:50pm Canadian SCAD Study: current status & plans (Saw)
12:50-1:00pm Mayo Clinic SCAD Registry: current status & plans (Hayes)
1:00-1:10pm Spanish SCAD Registry: current status & plans (Alfonso)
1:10-1:20pm UK SCAD Registry: current status & plans (Adlam)
1:20-1:30pm French SCAD Registry: current status & plans (Combaret)
1:30-1:40pm New Zealand Registry: current status & plans (Puri)
1:40-1:50pm Australia SCAD Registry: current status & plans (Zaman)
1:50-2:00pm SCAD in Japan & other parts of Asia (Inohara)
2:00-2:20pm Panel discussion: Saw, Hayes, Alfonso, Adlam, Combaret, Puri, Zaman, Inohara
Life after SCAD, and during COVID-19 Pandemic:
2:20-2:30pm How COVID-19 pandemic has affected care of SCAD patients (Henry)
2:30-2:40pm New genetic discoveries with SCAD, and when should genetic studies be done? (Ganesh)
2:40-2:50pm Men with SCAD, are they a rarity and are outcomes different? (McAlister)
2:50-3:00pm Exercise rehabilitation and physical activities post-SCAD (Birnie)
3:00-3:10pm Depression, migraines & anxiety in patients with SCAD (Pittman-Wagers)
3:10-3:20pm Saving women’s hearts after SCAD (Gulati)
3:20-3:40pm Future directions in SCAD research & management panel discussion: Saw, Henry, Ganesh, Hayes, Wood, Tremmel, Adlam, Alfonso, Gulati, Zaman
3:40-4:00pm Audience Online Q & A
4:00-4:05pm Conference Wrap-Up & Meeting Adjourn: Saw



Agenda for 2019

Friday Aug 30/2019: Main Session (Combined Health Professionals/Patients)
10:00-11:00am Registration & Brunch
SCAD Introduction, Epidemiology & Pathology & Associated Predisposing/Precipitating Conditions: Chair - Saw
11:00-11:05am Welcome & Opening Remarks (Saw)
11:05-11:20am Women and heart disease: Overview of epidemiology & causes (Mulvagh)
11:20-11:35am History & Epidemiology of SCAD (Hayes)
11:35-11:50am Premature CAD in Women (Brunham)
11:50-12:05pm Link between SCAD & FMD: Deep dive on FMD (Inohara)
12:05-12:20pm Other SCAD predisposing arteriopathies: CTD, systemic inflammatory diseases (Wood)
12:20-12:40pm Coffee Break
12:40-12:55pm SCAD predisposing stressors: emotional & physical triggers (Chou)
12:55-1:10pm SCAD and association with pregnancy and hormonal triggers (Tremmel)
1:10-1:25pm Association of SCAD with microvascular dysfunction, Takotsubo syndrome and Vasospasm (Sedlak)
1:25-1:40pm Genetic predisposition with SCAD and link with FMD/CTD (Ganesh)
1:40-2:00pm Panel Discussion: Saw, Mulvagh, Inohara, Wood, Tremmel, Ganesh, Chou, Hayes
2:00-2:20pm Coffee Break
SCAD Clinical Presentation & Diagnosis: Chair - Wood
2:20-2:35pm Clinical symptoms with SCAD: presentation & post-SCAD (Parsa)
2:35-2:50pm SCAD and link with depression, migraines & anxiety (Pittman-Wagers)
2:50-3:05pm Hospital Presentation with SCAD: STEMI/NSTEMI, VF/VT, cardiogenic shock, SCD (Toleva)
3:05-3:20pm Diagnosis of SCAD on angiography (Saw)
3:20-3:35pm Diagnosis of SCAD on CTA & MRI (Gohshhajra)
3:35-3:50pm Intracoronary imaging of SCAD: OCT/IVUS, when to use, how to interpret, risks (Fung)
3:50-4:10pm Panel Discussion: Wood, Pittman-Wager, Toleva, Gohshhajra, Fung, Saw
4:10-4:30pm Coffee break
Management of SCAD: Chair - Tremmel
4:30-4:45pm Medical therapy for SCAD: in-hospital & long-term (Wong)
4:45-5:00pm Acute Management with SCAD: when to choose conservative therapy versus revascularization (Tremmel)
5:00-5:15pm PCI with SCAD: strategy & outcomes (Saw)
5:15-5:30pm CABG for SCAD: indication, strategy & outcomes (Price)
5:30-5:45pm Management of SCAD patients with cardiogenic shock (hemodynamic support) (D.Kim)
5:45-6:00pm Role of CTO techniques for SCAD PCI? (Rinfret)
6:00-6:15pm Management of SCAD patients with VT/VF & when to consider ICD? (Bennett)
6:15-6:35pm Panel discussion: Tremmel, Rinfret, Saw, Price, Fung, Bennett, D.Kim, Toleva
6:35-6:40pm Wrap-up day 1: Saw
7:00-10:00pm Faculty dinner in Yaletown (transportation from VGH)


Saturday Aug31/2019
7:00-8:00am Breakfast & registration
Health Professionals Only Session
Challenging SCAD Case Session: “Share Your Experience”: Chair - Saw
7:40-7:50am My worst SCAD case: #1 (Tremmel)
7:50-8:00am My worst SCAD case: #2 (Wood)
8:00-8:10am My worst SCAD case: #3 (Rinfret)
8:10-8:20am My worst SCAD case: #4 (Toleva)
8:20-8:30am My worst SCAD case: #5 (Gohshhajra)
8:30-8:40am My worst SCAD case: #6 (D.Kim)
8:40-8:50am My worst SCAD case: #7 (Hayes)
8:50-9:00am My worst SCAD case: #8 (Parsa/Aymong)
9:00-9:20am Panel discussion and best case selection: Saw, Tremmel, Toleva, Wood, Rinfret, Gohshhajra, D.Kim, Hayes
9:20-9:40am Coffee break
Combined Heath Professionals & Patients/Family Session
Post-SCAD Long-term Management: Chair - Mulvagh
9:40-9:55am Vancouver SCAD & Cardiac Rehab Program (Starovoytov & Birnie)
9:55-10:10am iSCAD Registry: current status & future plans (Wood)
10:10-10:25am Mayo Clinic SCAD Registry: how it started, current status & future plans (Hayes)
10:25-10:40am In-hospital and Long-term Outcomes with SCAD (Toleva)
10:40-10:55am Indications for genetic screening after SCAD (Ganesh)
10:55-11:10am Cardiac Rehab & Exercises Post-SCAD (Alipour)
11:10-11:25am Imaging & investigation for predisposing arteriopathies (Gohshhajra)
11:25-11:40am Coffee break
Patient Experience & Call for Action: Chair - Hayes
11:40-11:55am Pregnancy-associated SCAD, and risks of pregnancy after SCAD (Wood)
11:55-12:10pm Psychosocial considerations after SCAD (Pittman-Wagers)
12:10-12:20pm Patient experience #1 (Leon)
12:20-12:30pm Patient experience #2
12:30-12:40pm Patient experience #3
12:40-12:55pm Strategies to raise awareness for SCAD (Mulvagh)
12:55-1:15pm Panel & Audience discussion: Saw, Wood, Pittman-Wagers, Mace, Toleva, Mulvagh, Birnie, Hayes, Starovoytov
1:15-1:20pm Conference Wrap-Up & Meeting Adjourn: Saw


Saturday Aug31/2019: Patient Breakout Interactive Sessions
Cardiac Rehabilitation after SCAD: Moderators - Taira Birnie (VGH SCAD Rehab), Alipour
7:30-8:25am When can you start exercising post-SCAD?

What exercises can you be involved with post-SCAD?

What activities should you avoid post-SCAD?

Fibromuscular Dysplasia Workshop for Patients: Moderators - Mace (FMDSA), Inohara
8:25-9:20am What is FMD?

Link between FMD and SCAD

Living with FMD

9:20-9:40am Coffee break
Genetics of SCAD Workshop: Moderators – Ganesh, Starovoytov
9:40-10:35am What is known about genetics of SCAD

Is there a need to do genetics screening for everyone with SCAD?

Opportunity for genetic samples collection for families with SCAD

Psychosocial Support after SCAD: Moderators - Leon (SCAD Alliance), Wood, Pittman-Wagers
10:35-11:30am Life after SCAD: Balancing work, family, life post-SCAD

Social media & web supports with SCAD

Psychosocial support after SCAD



Saturday Aug 31, 2019: 5k run/walk 2:30-4:30pm (Jericho beach, Vancouver)