This event is an accredited group learning activity under Section 1 as defined by the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada for the Maintenance of Certification program. This program is approved by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) for a maximum of 8 hours credit.

VanSCAD2021 Virtual Conference has successful concluded on Jan30/2021. It was very well attended and highly received by faculty and attendees. Post-conference online streaming of the meeting will be available shortly. You must be registered to have access to online conference streaming access and CME accreditation with CCS. Due to popular demand, registration will remain open till Feb28/2021 for late registrants who would like to stream the conference post-event and receive CME accreditation. Selected slides will be posted on TCTMD.

Agenda for 2021

Saturday Jan 30/2021:
8:00am-4:00pm Chair/Moderator - Saw
SCAD Introduction, Epidemiology, & Associated Predisposing/Precipitating Conditions:
8:00-8:10am Welcome & Opening Remarks (Saw)
8:10-8:20am History & Epidemiology of SCAD (Hayes)
8:20-8:30am Histopathology findings in SCAD patients (Virmani)
8:30-8:40am Link between SCAD & FMD: Deep dive on FMD (Olin)
8:40-8:50am Connective tissue disorders (non-FMD) associated with SCAD (Lindsay)
8:50-9:00am Can systemic inflammatory diseases cause SCAD or are bystander? (Tweet)
9:00-9:10am Relationship between pregnancy and hormonal triggers with SCAD (Mass)
9:10-9:20am Emotional & physical triggers that can precipitate SCAD (Mulvagh)
9:20-9:40am Panel Discussion: Saw, Hayes, Virmani, Olin, Lindsay, Tweet, Mass, Mulvagh
SCAD Clinical Presentation & Diagnosis:
9:40-9:50am Clinical presentation with SCAD: symptoms & hospital features (Alfadhel)
9:50-10:00am Diagnosis of SCAD on angiography (Saw)
10:00-10:10am Intracoronary imaging of SCAD with OCT and IVUS (Alfonso)
10:10-10:20am Diagnosis of SCAD on CTA & MRI (Gohshhajra)
10:20-10:30am Can SCAD present as MINOCA, how to investigate? (Reynolds)
10:30-10:40am Takotsubo syndrome & SCAD, can they co-exist? (Samuel)
10:40-10:50am Can microvascular dysfunction co-exist with SCAD? (Sedlak)
10:50-11:10am Panel Discussion: Saw, Alfadhel, Alfonso, Gohshhajra, Reynolds, Samuel, Sedlak
Management of SCAD:
11:10-11:20am In-hospital management of patients with SCAD (pharmacotherapy; patient selection for conservative vs, revascularization) (Adlam)
11:20-11:30am PCI with SCAD: strategy & outcomes (Henry)
11:30-11:40am CABG for SCAD: indication, strategy & outcomes (Price)
11:40-11:50am Outcomes & management of patients presenting with VT/VF and SCAD (Andrade)
11:50-12:00pm Cardiogenic shock & management in patients with SCAD (Sharkey)
12:00-12:10pm Long-term management of SCAD patients (medications, lifestyle changes, screening investigations) (Tremmel)
12:10-12:20pm Pregnancy-associated SCAD, and risks of pregnancy after SCAD (Wood)
12:20-12:40pm Panel discussion: Saw, Adlam, Henry, Price, Andrade, Sharkey, Tremmel, Wood, Ganesh
SCAD Registries Throughout the Globe:
12:40-12:50pm Canadian SCAD Study: current status & plans (Saw)
12:50-1:00pm Mayo Clinic SCAD Registry: current status & plans (Hayes)
1:00-1:10pm Spanish SCAD Registry: current status & plans (Alfonso)
1:10-1:20pm UK SCAD Registry: current status & plans (Adlam)
1:20-1:30pm French SCAD Registry: current status & plans (Combaret)
1:30-1:40pm New Zealand Registry: current status & plans (Puri)
1:40-1:50pm Australia SCAD Registry: current status & plans (Zaman)
1:50-2:00pm SCAD in Japan & other parts of Asia (Inohara)
2:00-2:20pm Panel discussion: Saw, Hayes, Alfonso, Adlam, Combaret, Puri, Zaman, Inohara
Life after SCAD, and during COVID-19 Pandemic:
2:20-2:30pm How COVID-19 pandemic has affected care of SCAD patients (Henry)
2:30-2:40pm New genetic discoveries with SCAD, and when should genetic studies be done? (Ganesh)
2:40-2:50pm Men with SCAD, are they a rarity and are outcomes different? (McAlister)
2:50-3:00pm Exercise rehabilitation and physical activities post-SCAD (Birnie)
3:00-3:10pm Depression, migraines & anxiety in patients with SCAD (Pittman-Wagers)
3:10-3:20pm Saving women’s hearts after SCAD (Gulati)
3:20-3:40pm Future directions in SCAD research & management panel discussion: Saw, Henry, Ganesh, Hayes, Wood, Tremmel, Adlam, Alfonso, Gulati, Zaman
3:40-4:00pm Audience Online Q & A
4:00-4:05pm Conference Wrap-Up & Meeting Adjourn: Saw



Agenda for 2019

Friday Aug 30/2019: Main Session (Combined Health Professionals/Patients)
10:00-11:00am Registration & Brunch
SCAD Introduction, Epidemiology & Pathology & Associated Predisposing/Precipitating Conditions: Chair - Saw
11:00-11:05am Welcome & Opening Remarks (Saw)
11:05-11:20am Women and heart disease: Overview of epidemiology & causes (Mulvagh)
11:20-11:35am History & Epidemiology of SCAD (Hayes)
11:35-11:50am Premature CAD in Women (Brunham)
11:50-12:05pm Link between SCAD & FMD: Deep dive on FMD (Inohara)
12:05-12:20pm Other SCAD predisposing arteriopathies: CTD, systemic inflammatory diseases (Wood)
12:20-12:40pm Coffee Break
12:40-12:55pm SCAD predisposing stressors: emotional & physical triggers (Chou)
12:55-1:10pm SCAD and association with pregnancy and hormonal triggers (Tremmel)
1:10-1:25pm Association of SCAD with microvascular dysfunction, Takotsubo syndrome and Vasospasm (Sedlak)
1:25-1:40pm Genetic predisposition with SCAD and link with FMD/CTD (Ganesh)
1:40-2:00pm Panel Discussion: Saw, Mulvagh, Inohara, Wood, Tremmel, Ganesh, Chou, Hayes
2:00-2:20pm Coffee Break
SCAD Clinical Presentation & Diagnosis: Chair - Wood
2:20-2:35pm Clinical symptoms with SCAD: presentation & post-SCAD (Parsa)
2:35-2:50pm SCAD and link with depression, migraines & anxiety (Pittman-Wagers)
2:50-3:05pm Hospital Presentation with SCAD: STEMI/NSTEMI, VF/VT, cardiogenic shock, SCD (Toleva)
3:05-3:20pm Diagnosis of SCAD on angiography (Saw)
3:20-3:35pm Diagnosis of SCAD on CTA & MRI (Gohshhajra)
3:35-3:50pm Intracoronary imaging of SCAD: OCT/IVUS, when to use, how to interpret, risks (Fung)
3:50-4:10pm Panel Discussion: Wood, Pittman-Wager, Toleva, Gohshhajra, Fung, Saw
4:10-4:30pm Coffee break
Management of SCAD: Chair - Tremmel
4:30-4:45pm Medical therapy for SCAD: in-hospital & long-term (Wong)
4:45-5:00pm Acute Management with SCAD: when to choose conservative therapy versus revascularization (Tremmel)
5:00-5:15pm PCI with SCAD: strategy & outcomes (Saw)
5:15-5:30pm CABG for SCAD: indication, strategy & outcomes (Price)
5:30-5:45pm Management of SCAD patients with cardiogenic shock (hemodynamic support) (D.Kim)
5:45-6:00pm Role of CTO techniques for SCAD PCI? (Rinfret)
6:00-6:15pm Management of SCAD patients with VT/VF & when to consider ICD? (Bennett)
6:15-6:35pm Panel discussion: Tremmel, Rinfret, Saw, Price, Fung, Bennett, D.Kim, Toleva
6:35-6:40pm Wrap-up day 1: Saw
7:00-10:00pm Faculty dinner in Yaletown (transportation from VGH)


Saturday Aug31/2019
7:00-8:00am Breakfast & registration
Health Professionals Only Session
Challenging SCAD Case Session: “Share Your Experience”: Chair - Saw
7:40-7:50am My worst SCAD case: #1 (Tremmel)
7:50-8:00am My worst SCAD case: #2 (Wood)
8:00-8:10am My worst SCAD case: #3 (Rinfret)
8:10-8:20am My worst SCAD case: #4 (Toleva)
8:20-8:30am My worst SCAD case: #5 (Gohshhajra)
8:30-8:40am My worst SCAD case: #6 (D.Kim)
8:40-8:50am My worst SCAD case: #7 (Hayes)
8:50-9:00am My worst SCAD case: #8 (Parsa/Aymong)
9:00-9:20am Panel discussion and best case selection: Saw, Tremmel, Toleva, Wood, Rinfret, Gohshhajra, D.Kim, Hayes
9:20-9:40am Coffee break
Combined Heath Professionals & Patients/Family Session
Post-SCAD Long-term Management: Chair - Mulvagh
9:40-9:55am Vancouver SCAD & Cardiac Rehab Program (Starovoytov & Birnie)
9:55-10:10am iSCAD Registry: current status & future plans (Wood)
10:10-10:25am Mayo Clinic SCAD Registry: how it started, current status & future plans (Hayes)
10:25-10:40am In-hospital and Long-term Outcomes with SCAD (Toleva)
10:40-10:55am Indications for genetic screening after SCAD (Ganesh)
10:55-11:10am Cardiac Rehab & Exercises Post-SCAD (Alipour)
11:10-11:25am Imaging & investigation for predisposing arteriopathies (Gohshhajra)
11:25-11:40am Coffee break
Patient Experience & Call for Action: Chair - Hayes
11:40-11:55am Pregnancy-associated SCAD, and risks of pregnancy after SCAD (Wood)
11:55-12:10pm Psychosocial considerations after SCAD (Pittman-Wagers)
12:10-12:20pm Patient experience #1 (Leon)
12:20-12:30pm Patient experience #2
12:30-12:40pm Patient experience #3
12:40-12:55pm Strategies to raise awareness for SCAD (Mulvagh)
12:55-1:15pm Panel & Audience discussion: Saw, Wood, Pittman-Wagers, Mace, Toleva, Mulvagh, Birnie, Hayes, Starovoytov
1:15-1:20pm Conference Wrap-Up & Meeting Adjourn: Saw


Saturday Aug31/2019: Patient Breakout Interactive Sessions
Cardiac Rehabilitation after SCAD: Moderators - Taira Birnie (VGH SCAD Rehab), Alipour
7:30-8:25am When can you start exercising post-SCAD?

What exercises can you be involved with post-SCAD?

What activities should you avoid post-SCAD?

Fibromuscular Dysplasia Workshop for Patients: Moderators - Mace (FMDSA), Inohara
8:25-9:20am What is FMD?

Link between FMD and SCAD

Living with FMD

9:20-9:40am Coffee break
Genetics of SCAD Workshop: Moderators – Ganesh, Starovoytov
9:40-10:35am What is known about genetics of SCAD

Is there a need to do genetics screening for everyone with SCAD?

Opportunity for genetic samples collection for families with SCAD

Psychosocial Support after SCAD: Moderators - Leon (SCAD Alliance), Wood, Pittman-Wagers
10:35-11:30am Life after SCAD: Balancing work, family, life post-SCAD

Social media & web supports with SCAD

Psychosocial support after SCAD



Saturday Aug 31, 2019: 5k run/walk 2:30-4:30pm (Jericho beach, Vancouver)